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Welcome to Good Seed Land – your destination for easy-to-grow garden seeds and quality hemp products on the west coast of Canada! 

At Good Seed Land, we take pride in our 18 years of farming and gardening experience and we are proud to offer seeds from our family’s favorite garden plants, as well as advice and workshops to help you on your gardening journey.  

We also offer our home-made CBD Oil sourced from our high-quality hemp, cultivated with care on the scenic west coast.

If you are curious about CBD or wondering about the differences between CBD and its counterparts like CBN or CBG?

We've got you covered with informative resources on What is CBD and insightful comparisons like CBD vs CBN, CBD vs CBG, and CBD vs THC.

Having been hemp farmers for well over a decade, we have a rich history of growing, processing and selling exceptional hemp products, including hemp hearts, hemp protein, and hemp oil.

While we no longer offer these products for sale, our decade of experience farming and selling hemp speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Vancouver Island, our farm is a testament to our dedication to quality and purity.

We proudly contribute to the legacy of traditional farmers and backyard gardeners alike, offering premium garden seeds that are not only easy to grow but also enrich the gardening experience. Good Seed Hemp & Garden is more than a brand; it's a community where the love for quality, natural products and a passion for gardening converge.

Embark on a journey with us and discover the difference that Good Seed Land makes in your pursuit of wellness and gardening excellence.

Join our gardening club, the Plentysmall Garden Club, and connect to the land with like-minded individuals. It's more than just gardening; it's a way to learn, be present, and cultivate a thriving community.

Our Origin Story: Re-Connecting to the Land

In 2006, we started The Good Seed Hemp Company, farming hemp, grain, and vegetables in our Metis Homeland in Treaty Six Territory, on the shores of Kwakostowin Lake, Saskatchewan. We had an antique tractor and equipment, family land and big dreams.

A dream of joyfully connecting to the land while bringing healthy food and medicine to the people. Over time, the dream has grown to include raising children, exploring the diverse uses of hemp, learning about multitudes of sustainable agriculture methods both new and ancient, trading seeds with other Nations across Turtle Island, and helping others re-connect to land as sacred.

We now live and cultivate on leased land in traditional Coast Salish Territory on Southern Vancouver Island while maintaining and increasing biodiversity on the family land in Saskatchewan. We hope our offerings inspire and bring you joy!

OUr 2023 PRODUCT offering

Nez Perce Salmon River Squash

$10 (20 Seeds) / 200 in Stock - Nutrient dense, long-keeping squash. Native to the PNW and easy to grow.

Algonquin Long Pumpkins

$10 (20 Seeds) / 200 in stock - These unique shaped, long pumpkins are easy to grow and semi-drought tolerant. They produce nutrient dense pumpkins that keep well into January.

Tom Thumb Lettuce

$10 (50 Seeds) / 200 in Stock - Produces one of the tastiest, crunchy lettuce we have ever tried. Grows like a loose iceburg lettuce, so you can harvest some of the leaf before harvesting the whole thing.

Rouge D’Hiver Lettuce

$10 (50 Seeds) / 200 in Stock - One of the most cold hardy red lettuce varieties we have seen. Has an ever so slight bitter taste, under a sweet crunch.

Grand Rapids Lettuce

$10 (50 Seeds) / 200 in Stock - Cold-hardy green leaf lettuce, just keeps on producing as you pick of the outer leaf for salads. Easy to grow.

Phacelia Flowers

$10 (30 Seeds) / 200 in Stock - Very easy to grow, these flowers attract many different kinds of pollinators. We have seen butterflies, native bees, honey bees, flies and hummingbirds loving up this flower.

Buckwheat Flowers

$10 (50 Seeds) / 200 in Stock - Very easy to grow, and once it starts flowering it doesnt stop until frost so it continues to provide for pollinators all through the season. Also makes an excellent cover crop.

Saskatchewan Thunderfox

$40 (8 Seeds) / 500 in Stock - This hemp variety comes from a long line of industrial hemp used for fiber and seed in North America. We've bred this line using landrace strains from the prairies and have spent over a decade selecting seeds that do well in the PNW.

Botanically Infused Hemp Oil

Hand-crafted in small batches, using our traditional recipe. $30 - $100

*Sliding Scale Pricing

We want our work and products to spread joy and provide tangible allyship by being available to all who are interested. We offer sliding scale pricing for folks in need of a discount, youth empowerment garden programs, Indigenous food sovereignty groups, and all those negatively affected by colonization.

If you are interested in our offerings, but need a discount to participate, please send us an email discussing who you are, which of our products you are interested in, what it will be used for and what you think you can afford or offer in a reciprocal way.

We will get back to you and go forward from there.